I offered a free watercolor pet portrait to all my email subscribers including new subscribers last month.  I did a random drawing and am very pleased that the winner is Kim Mac!  The reason I’m pleased is not that Kim is anyone I know, but because of the delightful email I received from Kim after I notified her that she won.  Most of it pasted below:

“Hi MaryBeth !

Thank you !! I am still so excited to have won LOL. I entered because my son and his wife have a rescue dog from Korea and she seems to be the light of my kiddos world so I thought this would be fun. 🙂 Jenny is my granddog 🙂 

I told him about winning and hes super excited LOL. He said they were going to start a wall of Jenny pics and yours would be first.High praise!  🙂

He said he was going to send a photo, so when I get that I will send to you. There is no rush….

Let me know if and what else is needed. I am so happppyyyyy ! 

Thanks again,


Kim’s enthusiam is what makes this contest so much fun and so worth it.  She made my day!  

Thank YOU Kim!

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