People love their pets.  Most pet owners will tell you unashamedly that their pet is a “part of the family“.  This is a really amazing statement when you think about it:  Many people I know have people in their families that are not considered or admitted to be part of the family!  

Whether it’s a dog, cat, hedgehog or lizard, we become attached to these creatures.  So displaying acustom pet portrait of one in our home along side pictures of family is very popular.  

Here are  the 5 Most Popular Reasons People Order a Watercolor Pet Portrait

1:  Most people who order a watercolor pet portrait do it to honor their current pet.  They send me pictures and tell me stories about how funny or smart or cuddly or athletic their pet is and I work to capture the pet’s personality to create a dog portraits, or a cat portrait. Like this one, of a sweet cherished cat. 

Watercolor Cat pet portrait
Watercolor Cat

2.  Sadly, sometimes the commissioned portrait is to honor a beloved pet who has died.  I spend time talking with the grieving owner or family or friend who is purchasing the painting to find out what made their pet special.  Sometimes I hear very sad tales of the pet’s last days and how much the owner misses the animal.  I have to admit, it’s hard to hear the sadness in the people’s voices and the tears, but when I present them with a portrait they always smile and have said they feel like they got a part of their pet back.  Here is a picture of a recently deceased dog and the resulting watercolor  purchased by a daughter for her grieving father.  She said he was delighted.

Photo of Dog for Watercolor Portrait
Photo of Dog for Watercolor Portrait

3:  Watercolor portraits of a pets with their owner or a child are popular too. This retro image was done from an old family photo of the buyer’s grandfather with his horses.  I had to add color to this black and white photo but the watercolor from photo came out well, I think.

Watercolor portrait Man with horses
Watercolor portrait Man with horses

4:  People also order watercolor pet portraits because their pet is unusual, like this alpaca:

Watercolor Pet Portrait - Llama painting
Watercolor Pet Portrait – Llama

5:  A watercolor pet portrait makes a great gift.  It’s thoughtful and can be hung with pride in the home of a parent, friend or coworker!

Watercolor Pet Portrait- Dogs painting
Watercolor Pet Portrait- Dogs

Whatever your reason for wanting a watercolor pet portrait, I’d love to discuss it with you.  The best part of my job is speaking to clients, even if they decide not to purchase.  Call me if you have an idea for a pet portrait you are thinking of ordering!

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