PET Paintings

Handpainted Watercolor  Pet Portaits

Pet Painting Portraits

A pet painting makes a wonderful gift for the animal lover in your life. Whether you have a dog or a cat, an alpaca or a pet horse, I can paint it for you. 

Pet memorial paintings are a wonderful way to celebrate a beloved animal who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Please scroll down for samples of my pet paintings from photos 



Pet Portraits Are a Treasured Gift

This is me with my basset hound Roxy.  As a pet owner, I understand the love we have for our pets.  They really are a part of our families.  I’m able, with your help, to capture the personality and beauty of your beloved pet in a watercolor pet painting.  

Watercolor pet portraits from your photos make a wonderful birthday gift, Mother’s or Father’s Day gift or Holiday gift.  Often someone will ask me to do a custom pet portrait as a memorial to a deceased pet. A pet memorial is always a sad project to undertake but also an honor to render a beloved animal that has crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” 

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