Sometimes I’ll pick up my pencil and brushes and do a little painting just for me.  For fun, To relax. To unwind.  I don’t care how it comes out or about an audience.  Drawing and painting is the most relaxing and meditative activity I do.

I once spent an entire sleepless night painting 9 little watercolors.  I’d had a failed spinal tap the previous week –They’d hit a nerve root–and, yes it was as bad as it sounds.  And I had to go for another one in the morning.  Keeping my right brain occupied with painting allowed my left “worrying brain” no operating space.  So, though I didn’t sleep, I wasn’t a total wreck in the morning.  

I recommend doing some sort of artwork as therapy for anyone who needs to quiet their mind.  Here’s some watercolors I did just for me:

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