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Watercolor Home, Pet & People Portraits

Whether you're looking for aniversary paintings, family portraits or custom paintings of pets, I promise to give it all the attention and detail your painting requires.  My paintings have been purchased as anniversary gifts, housewarming and moving gifts and as retirement presents.  Pet and family portraits make wonderful wedding gifts & birthday presents for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life. 

I've had many years experience creating lovely watercolor home, pet and people portraits. I primarily work from your photos so I'll communicate with you about your needs for the painting before painting your portrait.  I can add or remove/move bushes, trees, cars, telephone poles, etc from your photo for a beautiful custom watercolor painting from your photo. 

Watercolor home and business portraits require a photo from the exact angle of the home from which you like painted. Also pictures of details of the house or buiding such as lights, trim, and landscaping are helpful.  Good lighting is esstential to make a photograph into a lovely watercolor portrait.  Keep in mind that  the best lighting is natural or sunny for capturing depth in watercolor.  The best lighting for an outside image is usually morning sun or afternood sun.  Photographic flashes tend to flatten an image out.  


Beautiful Custom Watercolor from Your Photos

The best custom watercolor portraits from photos start with some good photographs. You don't need to be a pro to get good shots.  Just follow a few simple rules.  

The best watercolors shimmer with light and shadow, so good lighting is important.  If photographing a house for a watercolor painting, try to get one on a sunny morning or afternoon.  Sometimes overhead sunlight can wash out a picture.  

If you're taking photos for a custom watercolor pet or person portrait dont use a flash.  The flash will flatten a subject and will often be too bright. 

Details are great!  Get a few up close shots of a home's lights, windows, and landscaping if possible for a home painting.  It's nice , tho not necessary to have several shots of your favorite human or animal subject from different angles if you can get them .  

If the subject of a watercolor from a photo is an animal, several close up of expressive faces can help me to render a lovely watercolor pet portrait.  

I'll contact you if I think I need more photos to begin a custom watercolor painting.

Watercolor From Your Photo!


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